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~~~Game Information~~~
Title: Prototype
Genre: Action, Adventure
Publisher: Activision

Prototype is a Open World Action-Action game developed by Radical Entertainment and Published by Activision on June 9, 2009.

The game was Designed by Eric Holmes, and was written and Programmed bt Dennis Detwiller,Paul Jenkins and Neall Verheyde.

Alex Mercer is a man who is able to shift his shape, Consume others and Regain the powers. the game consists of other melee

attack and other moves likes Air Combo, Rolling Cannon Attack and Sliding The ground with enemies Body. The player also can

transform his arm, like Blade arm,Claw hand, Hammerfists, Telescoping Whipfist and Musclemass. The game also include other

powers like Jumping into the Top of the Tower/Building, Running Faster than Vehicles ect. 
The game is Set in New York were a Disease known as Blacklight had taken over Manhattan. Those Persons Who have been

infected has became hideous monster with various form of powers. To control the infected there has been a military Force

called Blackwatch. Alex Mercer is a Person who has been infected and has a Power to Shift his Shape to any other Human form,

He does not have any memory of his past.   

Screen Shots


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