Author Topic: Rules Regarding Posting Free And Premium Link !  (Read 826 times)

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Rules Regarding Posting Free And Premium Link !
« on: July 17, 2015, 12:54:04 PM »
Hi Free-Links Members, as per the needs we have decided to post difference between type of links and their Rules for posting.

Type of Links : There are two types of links, which are different in manner of their free and paid services :
1. Free Links : These type of links, provide Resumable Downloads to all users.
-Means there is no need to purchase their Premium account to download files with resume support.
-In this category few sites may cap speed to free users, but still if they provide resume, then it will be counted as free link.
-If any host, provides free resumable download till a limited file size (like resumable download till 300mb file size), in this condition if uploader has posted file below 300mb then it will be considered as free link. Else it will come in the 2nd Category of premium links.

2. Premium Links : These links dont provide resumable download for free users, but still they are very good for premium account holders.
-These links provide full speed downloads for premium users ( paid one's).

Posting Rules for Free Links and Premium Links :
I. Posting rules for Free Links :
1. Start topic with atleast single free link.
2. If you have posted a topic without any free link, then add them as soon as possible. Dont delay in adding links after creating a topic.
3. Hosts providing resume, but with some speed capping, are still under Free Links Category. And they are allowed to post.
4. Hosts providing resume till a fix file size limit (for example : resume for files below 300mb), then links having file size less than restricted file size will be counted under Free Links Category. If file size is above the fix file limit allowed for resume, then it will be placed in Premium Links Category.
II. Posting rules for Premium Links :
1. For all Members :
No Body Is Allowed To Post Any Sort Of Premium Links., Which Needs Registration Of Accounts Or Any Type Of survey !!

If any of Normal Member found violating this rule, then Staff can take necessary actions (Deleting extra links, Deleting entire topic, Issuing Warning or Ban).
Note : All Members are requested to post as much as free links possible. Try to post minimum number of premium links, which too only recommended premium link.

Any Suggestions Will Be Appreciated.

Thank you for your attention,
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Re: Rules Regarding Posting Free And Premium Link !
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